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Effective IT disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity planning is essential for every business. All businesses depend on their IT services for moment-to-moment operations. So they must all take measures to ensure that those services are not disrupted due to a natural or man-made disaster.

However, because IT environments have become so complex - and because IT budgets are stretched so thinly – IT organizations face real challenges as they attempt to safeguard the business against such disasters. These challenges include:
  • Ensuring that planned DR measures will actually meet the needs of the business if and when they are called upon
  • Determining exactly when such measures should, in fact, be activated
  • Documenting to senior management, auditors, insurers, and/or regulators that best efforts have been made to protect the business from a full range of potentially disruptive eventualities

Shunra Software, Shunra Software White Paper, Pre-Testing Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plans: The Network Simulation Solution, disaster recovery planning, disaster recovery,
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