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This white paper explores the challenges facing Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and their divisions in the travel and hospitality industry, and outlines strategies and technologies that can help improve performance in both consumer and business travel arenas. By harnessing customer data, delivering personalized cross-channel experiences and continuously optimizing web analytics and digital marketing, your company will be positioned to:
  • Improve look-to-book ratios
  • Turn browsers into loyal, high-value customers
  • Meet traveler demand for personalized attention
  • Deliver profitable cross-sell and up-sell offers
  • Capitalize on fast-growing mobile and social channels
  • Understand marketing performance by channels and campaigns

IBM Corporation, IBM Corporation:White Paper, Personalized Marketing and Web Analytics in Travel and Hospitality, web analytics, hospitality, Marketing, customer, web, marketing officer
Offered by
IBM Corporation
The resource is available from the link above.
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