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The world of Content Management Systems (CMS) is constantly expanding as more and more systems, written on different platforms and offering a variety of different features, are being developed. This is especially true in the case of Open Source Content Management Systems. On one hand this means that we have greater freedom of choice, however it also means going through a very complex process of matching our needs against this wide array of available solutions.

In an attempt to help make the process slightly easier, Packt Enterprise has put together this eBook, which contains chapters on some of the more well-known Content Management Systems including Joomla!, Drupal, Plone, and many others. They hope this eBook will help you take a step closer to deciding the best suitable Open Source CMS for your cause.

Packt Enterprise, Open Source Content Management System Book Sampler - Free 277 Page Sampler, Content Management, it system, IT Professionals, it solutions, enterprise it
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The resource is available from the link above.
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