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As enterprises recognize the benefits of Mobility, Wireless LANs are evolving from a "convenience", to become an essential part of the network infrastructure. Amid 802.11n speculation that the "all wireless enterprise" is around the corner, Healthcare providers – one of the largest adopters of Wireless LANs – are raising nonstop availability as a key consideration for wide scale deployment.
  • Is the "all wireless enterprise" just vendor hype?
  • Can wireless LANs really displace wired LANs?
  • How can Wireless LANs deliver NonStop availability?
  • How do virtualization concepts apply to wireless LANs?
This white paper addresses the question of whether wireless LANs are really up to the challenge of replacing wired networks at the access layer, and outlines Trapeze Networks controller virtualization approach to delivering NonStop Wireless for the Always-on Hospital.

NonStop Wireless LANS in the Enterprise, Trapeze Networks, 802.11n , Free White Paper
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NonStop Wireless LANS in the Enterprise
The resource is available from the link above.
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