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Wireless local area networks (WLANs) are facing a new set of requirements, driven by a number of technology and business trends, and in particular, the imminent arrival of 802.11n. This new standard, coupled with the growing adoption of Voice over IP (VoIP), is expected to have a significant impact on enterprise Wi-Fi networks. Today's wireless LANs are designed using either a centralized or distributed architecture — each with its own set of limitations. Recognizing this, Trapeze Networks has a new approach to WLAN architecture called Smart Mobile. This white paper will help the network manager understand the benefits of the different approaches and recommend strategies for planning future wireless deployments.

Trapeze Networks, Trapeze Networks White Paper, Next-Generation WLAN Architecture for High Performance Networks, Wireless local area networks, 802.11n, Voice over IP, VOIP, Wi-Fi networks, Smart Mobile
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