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There are so many exciting things happening at MetricNet! In addition to our extensive resource library, we have formed some strategic alliances with the industry’s top experts including HDI, BOMGAR and IQPC. Take advantage of the following and stay tuned for more!

IQPC Media Partnership | Social Media for Customer Care Summit: If you’re struggling with how to use social media to deliver exceptional customer care then join with experts to learn how to develop strategies, turn risks into opportunities, and network with speakers from Nokia, INTEL, Wells Fargo, and more. Visit the website or download the agenda to see what’s in store!

New eBook series | Performance measurement and management is a critical discipline that must be mastered for any IT Service function, IT Support function or Contact Center that aspires to world-class performance. Download our intro to metrics eBook series FREE!

Self Service Completion Rate | Last year the average cost of resolving an incident at level 1 in North America was about $22. If some of these incidents can be deflected to self-service, that reduces the headcount requirements and hence the cost of the service desk. Continue reading.

HDI Member Benefits | MetricNet has had a long and mutually beneficial relationship with HDI. The Alliance Partnership that we have entered into with HDI deepens and strengthens that relationship, and enables us to provide a number of benefits to HDI’s member base. Learn more.

BOMGAR Customer Benefits | Through a special deal worked out with BOMGAR, we are offering an industry benchmark to BOMGAR Customers that’s too good to pass up! Learn more.

Unlimited access to our downloadable resources such as the eBook series and metric of the month articles are available with a free MetricNet membership. Not registered yet? It only takes a moment! Click here to get started.

Thank YOU for being a valued member of MetricNet. We appreciate your continued support and welcome your feedback.

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