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Thursday, September 26th @ 9am PT/12pm ET

Without realizing the long-term impacts, IT staff typically inherit or roll out separate tools for each implementation, compounding complexity, adding cost, and often sacrificing best-practice protection. The challenges associated with multi-vendor product integration, unique feature sets and conflicting support policies make it evident that, when reassessing overall backup strategies, organizations can benefit greatly from purpose-built backup products.

Orin Thomas shares considerations for reassessing your organization's backup strategy so that it better meets your organization's needs given the increasing resilience of enterprise software and hardware and the increasing functionality of appliances and software.

Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

WindowsITPro, WindowsITPro:Live Webcast, Modernizing Protection for Your Diverse Physical-Virtual-Cloud Infrastructure, Backup, enterprise software, Integration, Servers, it organization, private cloud, cloud infrastructure, it integration, it policy, it
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