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Since the introduction of smartphones the influx of mobile applications to run on those devices has skyrocketed. But as more and more employees are bringing their own mobile devices into the workplace, the demand for enterprise mobility is on a steep incline. Whether your company chooses to deploy off-the-shelf or custom mobile applications, allowing your workforce to access them via their mobile device inside and outside of your organization is becoming the new norm.

Read this paper to learn about off-the-shelf mobile applications vs. custom mobile applications. Compare and contrast the two approaches and decide which would work best with your organization's mobile strategy. Find evaluations on:
  • Functionality
  • User interface
  • Device/OS compatibility
  • Integration with back end systems
  • And much more.

SAP, SAP:White Paper, Mobilizing The Enterprise With Off-The-Shelf Apps And Custom Mobile Solutions, mobile application, Mobile Devices, enterprise mobility, mobile solution, mobility, mobile strategy, smartphone
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