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The age of the mobile-first enterprise is upon us. The challenges that face IT can be daunting and decisions made about access to enterprise resources today will affect how efficient and effective the IT organization is for years to come. Read this informative white paper to learn more about:
  • What it means to be a mobile-first enterprise.
  • What networks are needed to accommodate the modern corporate user.
  • Potential issues IT faces in a mobile-first enterprise.
  • The advantages of framing the problems properly for long-term success and effectiveness.
Mobile access to applications has become as expected as electricity in a power outlet and leads to the mental shift known as “mobile-first” mentality. This paper will help you get started implementing the ideal access network for a mobile-first enterprise.

Aerohive Networks, Aerohive Networks:White Paper, Mobile-First Enterprise: Easing The IT Burden, enterprise it, mobility, mobile access, modern IT, IT resources, it organization
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