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As backup software breaks away from its historically tight integration with tape, IT administrators are implementing disk-based backup products that are optimized to address new priorities. The new disk-based backup products geared to SMBs are being enhanced with enterprise-class product features that are getting less expensive, making it feasible to back up from disk to removable disks, doing away with tape backups altogether. As storage capacity increases, a larger backup capability is required.

Unfortunately, SMB's have often been underserved by storage products. Either the product is too expensive to match the budget or the solution is designed for a small or home office, and is incongruent, unreliable and difficult to use.

Revinetix, Revinetix White Paper, Migrating From Tape to Disk Backups, small and medium sized businesses, backup software, tape, IT administrators, disk-based backup, SMB, removable disks, tape backups, storage capacity, storage
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