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Having a single point of archive consolidates all information flowing inside, leaving, or coming from outside the company. Technology would be detached from the information and would make 'migration' a thing of the past. Technology would 'revolve' around the archive and upgrades would be independent of the data greatly reducing exposure and risk. Collaboration would be simplified. Filing, as we know it today would become obsolete. All categorizations of documents become virtualized. This means that a single document could reside in multiple locations while the integrity of the document is protected from a single store. Filing structures become archaic. Placing documents in predefined folders begs for the occurrence of duplication. Eliminating this need greatly reduces the demand for storage growth and improves the ability, speed, and integrity of collaboration. Furthermore, establishing new Virtual Categories could be done instantaneously with no data movement whatsoever.

This White Paper discusses four basic architectural requirements to SIR:
  • Archive - Single Instance Store
  • Database - Spherical Indexing Engine
  • Real-Time - Active Capture and Analysis
  • Client - End User Interface

Migrating Exchange To Collaboration, Estorian , Estorian Free White Paper, Single Interactive Repository (SIR), Virtual Categories
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Migrating Exchange To Collaboration
The resource is available from the link above.
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