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With the Windows XP sunset date fast approaching, plans for Windows 7 migrations are in full swing. This has prompted organizations to re-assess their approach to securing and managing desktops. Users who are "Administrators" on their endpoints often do not need absolute admin rights to accomplish their daily tasks - yet having free reign on software installation and endpoint based operations often leads to malware and data breaches that are costly to your company's reputation and bottom line. With the advanced privilege management capabilities from Viewfinity, locking down desktops and operating a least privileges environment offers a fundamental layer of IT security as an effective means to mitigate endpoint-based risks.

On this webinar, Alex Shteynberg, Technology Architect in the New York City Microsoft Technology Center discussed reasons why the desktop refresh fits perfectly into a Windows 7 migration project for securing and managing endpoints.

Then Alex Shoykhet, VP of Product Management for Viewfinity, demonstrated how Viewfinity Privilege Management allows IT professionals to remove administrative rights and manage privileges for standard users with zero impact on user productivity.

Viewfinity, Inc., Viewfinity, Inc.:On-Demand Webinar, Microsoft & Viewfinity Present: Windows 7 Migration is the Opportunity to Lockdown Desktops & Manage Standard User Privileges, privilege management, data breaches, windows
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