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This hosted solution helps organizations reduce the costs of managing and maintaining business systems, which frees information technology resources and enables staff to focus on initiatives that can deliver competitive advantage to the business.

The benefits of Microsoft Online Services include:
  • Better control of IT technology investments. Buy only what you need now, and add more as your business grows.
  • Better cash flow management: no upfront cash investment in costly in-house hardware and software.
  • Simplified software subscription license management for attractive pricing and a predictable cost.
  • A Microsoft commitment to deliver secure, available, and private online software services, financially backed by a 99.9-percent availability Service-Level Agreement (SLA) and certified by third-party audit.
  • Increased productivity. Robust integration among Online Services, and with existing on-premises software, empowers your users with rich communication and collaboration.
  • Access to the latest business productivity software services from Microsoft. As new versions of the software are released, your users can start using them immediately—with no deployment delay.

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Microsoft Online Services Business Value
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