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Businesses want at least one thing from every employee: a task done well that has a provable contribution toward
the company’s goals. In recruiting, that means hiring the right people in alignment with business strategies,
while operating efficiently and sourcing effectively.

In this second book of our Insight4theEnterprise series, we’ll explore four steps recruiters can take that will help them identify critical metrics and then maximize their value:

1. Get the big picture. Which recruiting metrics will provide you with the most complete view of your
program? You need numbers that tell you not only how you have performed in the past, but also pinpoint
areas for immediate improvement.

2. Understand what’s changed. With recruiting technology advances and the current focus on big data,
are there new opportunities available for measuring success?

3. Generate the right reports. What role does reporting play—and what types of reports best serve recruiters’ needs?

4. Apply what you learn. How can you use the reports you create to foster continued recruiting success?

Let’s get started.

Jobvite, Jobvite:eBook, Metrics That Matter: 4 Ways To Prove Your Worth,
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