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Today’s service desk technologies and reporting packages make it easy to capture copious amounts of performance data. Most service desk managers can tell you everything from last month’s average speed of answer to yesterday’s average handle time. But what does it all mean? If my abandonment rate goes up, but my cost per contact goes down, is that good or bad? Is my service desk performing better this month than it was last month?

Despite all the data that service desk managers have at their fingertips, most cannot answer a very basic question: How is my service desk performing? The balanced scorecard resolves this dilemma by combining the most important service desk KPI’s into a single, overall measure of service desk performance.

MetricNet’s research shows that establishing an overall metric for your service desk is critical. We call this metric the balanced score because it truly does communicate a balanced picture of service desk performance. The balanced scorecard is a mechanism that aggregates the most important service desk metrics – such as cost per contact and customer satisfaction – into a single, all-inclusive measure of service desk performance.

Download the full report via the link below:

Service Desk, Service Desk Balanced ScoreCard, Service Desk KPIs, Service Desk Metrics
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Jeff Rumburg | MetricNet
The resource is available from the link above.
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