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Many of us have heard the sage advice “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” This is particularly true for the service desk, where effective performance measurement is not just a necessity, but a prerequisite for effective decision-making.  Despite the widespread belief in this statement, few service desks use KPIs to their full potential.  In fact the vast majority of service desks use metrics to track and trend their performance – but nothing more!  Unfortunately, in this mode a service desk misses the real value of performance measurement by failing to exploit the diagnostic capabilities of KPIs.  But the true potential of KPIs can only be unlocked when they are used holistically, not just to measure performance, but also to diagnose and understand the underlying drivers of performance.

The key to using KPIs diagnostically is to understand their cause-and-effect relationships.  You can think of these relationships as a linkage where all of the KPIs are interconnected.  When one KPI moves up or down, other KPIs invariably move with it.  Understanding this linkage is enormously powerful because it provides insight into the levers you can pull to achieve desired outcomes.

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Jeff Rumburg | MetricNet
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