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Next generation point-of-care applications depend on reliable wireless communications at every point of care. While many hospitals have already deployed wireless LANs in some areas of their facilities, few of them have ubiquitous coverage, and fewer-still have the wireless mobility necessary to deploy point of care applications successfully.
  • Are clinicians resisting EMR adoption due to connectivity issues?
  • Is your wireless LAN preventing point-of-care mobility?
  • Do you have tape on the wall, marking out "No-Wireless" zones?
  • Are nurses tied to the Nurse Station instead of doing rounds?
The white paper outlines the business and patient care benefits of mobile point-of-care applications, and discusses the challenges of enabling the Medical-Grade Mobility they require, to deliver highest return on investment and better patient outcomes.

Medical Grade Mobility, Free White Paper, Trapeze Networks
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Medical Grade Mobility
The resource is available from the link above.
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