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6 second videos, smartphones and social media accounts are driving customer service expectations to never before seen highs. No matter where you choose to get the news this time of year, trend articles are a dime a dozen. But something’s missing. For years, MetricNet has taken a holistic approach to improving performance. Being that trend watching is designed to do just that, it would stand to reason that key correlations between trends and reality would be clear. Instead, the 800-pound gorillas of the industry make lofty claims with no substantial proof to back them up and, be honest here, who really goes back to the articles from years past to analyze the accuracy? In this article, we take a different approach to trend watching for 2014. Read on to discover the top trends to watch, actual examples, and next steps to successful implementation.

2014 Trends, Social, Mobile, Executive Accountability, IT Trends
Offered by
Angela Irizarry | MetricNet
The resource is available from the link above.
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