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IT organizations are considering application delivery from new perspectives due to the automation of key business processes, and the fact that acceptable application performance is continually becoming more difficult. The goals of this white paper are to:
  • Identify some of the key issues that make ensuring acceptable application performance so difficult.
  • Describe how IT organizations can use WAN emulation tools to improve application performance, plan for change and improve relationships between application and network groups.
To achieve these goals, three IT professionals were interviewed: A manager of technology, architecture and engineering for a large, international law firm, a consultant who is responsible for application testing at a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company, and the lead performance engineer for a Fortune 500 financial institution.

Published by Kubernan; Sponsored by Shunra

Managing Application Performance by Understanding Applications, Shunra Software, Ltd., Shunra Software Free Subscription, Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company, Fortune 500 financial institution, WAN emulation tools
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Managing Application Performance by Understanding Applications
The resource is available from the link above.
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