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For a wide variety of reasons, many applications run poorly when run over a Wide Area Network (WAN). For example, few IT organizations focus on performance during application development or acquisition. That fact, combined with the distributed nature of current application architectures, often results in unacceptable application performance. In addition, initiatives such as the consolidation of servers and data centers, as well as the movement to deploy increasingly distributed application architectures, such as a Services Oriented Architecture, also tend to result in poor application performance.

This Webinar discusses the factors that complicate the task of ensuring acceptable application performance. The webinar also details how WAN emulation can help an IT organization overcome the factors that cause poor application performance.

Managing Application Performance, Shunra Software, Ltd., Shunra Software Free On-Demand Webinar, Jim Metzler, Shunra product manager Gene Litt, WAN emulation, Services Oriented Architecture
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Managing Application Performance
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