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Whether users are transferring files between trading partners or within an organization, Inovis manages the entire MFT lifecycle and is the only enterprise-wide service that spans the disparate platforms found in a typical business. From onboarding and visibility, through communications and exception management, Inovis ensures users' business-critical information is standardized, synchronized and streamlined.

Whether delivering MFT as an outsourced service or deploying solutions behind the corporate firewall, Inovis manages governance and security standards so all the transferred data meets strict industry requirements. Drawing on its more than 25 years of experience, Inovis is redefining the way companies execute managed file transfer and accelerating growth while achieving core business objectives.

View this Executive Brief to learn more about how the Inovis Managed File Transfer solution can work for you.

Managed File Transfer for Banking, Insurance and Financial Institutions, Inovis USA, Inovis USA Complimentary Executive Brief, Inovis Managed File Transfer solution, Managed File Transfer solution, corporate firewall, governance, security standards
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Managed File Transfer for Banking
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