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There has been a revolutionary shift in the media world. Companies that listen directly to word-of-mouth (WOM) discussions will create compelling brands, products, and messages. This white paper will arm you with the information you need to convince your organization that they should begin to engage with consumers and provides answers to:
  • How widespread is the social media phenomenon? How will it evolve in the future?
  • How are consumers talking about brands in social media? How do these findings complement other sources of information about consumer attitudes and purchase intentions?
  • What new tools and techniques are there to effectively understand and measure how social media and WOM affect consumer behavior?
  • How are companies using social media successfully to strengthen their brands?

Cymfony, Free Cymfony White Paper, Making the Case for Social Media Strategy, word-of-mouth, (WOM), blogs, discussion boards, and social media networks, customer, brands
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