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As more systems and applications centralize and virtualize into the datacenter, the communications and applications infrastructure has become more important than ever. Delivering new technologies and applications such as unified communications, telepresence, security and mobility require the infrastructure to work—and business leaders expect IT to make it happen—at all points on the network at all times.

Today's distributed Cisco infrastructures often include multiple data centers, remote sites or branch offices with increasingly costly and complex management. Traditional tools for network and systems management rely on the network, meaning they are effective when the IP-based network infrastructure is operational, but limited when the production network connections or devices fail. This limitation creates business interruptions, increases in services calls and service quality issues.

An integrated approach to remote management:
  • Augments limited and overworked IT staff
  • Enforces internal security policies and proves compliance
  • Ensures dramatically faster mean-time-to-repair
This white paper shows how secure remote management solutions can drastically decrease the headaches and hassles of remote management by eliminating routine repetitive tasks, and minimizing tech support trips to remote sites.

Make your Cisco Infrastructure Stronger: Secure Remote Management, Uplogix, Uplogix Free White Paper, multiple data centers, remote sites, Cisco, unified communications, telepresence, security and mobility
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Make your Cisco Infrastructure Stronger: Secure Remote Management
The resource is available from the link above.
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