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Amongst the most widely deployed business applications today, Sales Force Automation (SFA) offers a goldmine of operational sales data, yet built-in reporting and analytics are oftentimes inadequate to answer meaningful questions. Hindered by simplistic analytics and siloed data, analysis is further limited to a “rearview mirror” perspective of what’s happened. What does it take for organizations to tap into this wealth of information to make better, more informed forward looking decisions of what will happen?

Join this webinar on May 30th at 10:00am PST/1:00pm EST to learn how to untap the wealth of information contained in, Siebel, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, SAP and other SFA applications to analyze and predict what will happen in your environment based on what already has. Discover the latest new capabilities of sales analytics representing the next generation of analytical applications that are in-context and forward looking. They will discuss how to solve the confining challenges of today's SFA applications to create predictive future sales performance and pipeline movement, identify sales opportunities that are at risk of getting lost and unlock the true value of your SFA.

Speakers include:

Paul Staelin
Vice President of Customer Success and a co-founder of Birst

Wei-Chin Call
Senior Solutions Engineer Birst

Birst, Inc., Birst, Inc.:Live Webinar, Look Forward with Predictive Sales Analytics, Professional Services, analytics, Sales, SOX, sales force, data integration, customer, sales force automation, sales performance, data analysis, google analytics, mba, sa
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