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The Edinburgh Woollen Mill Group implemented the Longview Performance Management Platform to replace a cumbersome, time-consuming and error-prone budgeting and planning process based on spreadsheets, with an automated system that accelerates the budgeting process. This left more time for finance staff to analyze and understand their financial data. By fully integrating store-level planning input with input from head office, Longview makes it easy for EWM to project a consolidated view of its business and where it's heading. See the benefits of automating your process, such as:
  • Time-consuming, error-prone, manual spreadsheet tasks eliminated
  • Store-level planning input fully integrated with head office input
  • Faster process allows more time for understanding and interpreting data
  • Web-based input templates accelerate data collection and consolidation
  • Complex calculations handled easily, and flexible, granular reporting

Longview Solutions, Longview Solutions Case Study, Longview Platform Replaces Cumbersome Spreadsheets with Fully Integrated Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting Process, Performance Management Platform, Longview Performance Management Platform, Edinburgh Woo
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