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As the leading supplier of trust services for the Internet, Symantec has successfully issued SSL certificates to secure hundreds of thousands of websites using a wide range of network configurations. Symantec best practices and licensing requirements protect the use of its products and services to ensure a common, high-level standard of security across all types of configurations. This document explains the licensing and proper use of Symantec™ SSL Certificates for securing multiple Web servers and/or multiple domains and sub-domains in the following network configurations:
  • Redundant server backups
  • Multiple servers supporting multiple site names
  • Multiple servers supporting a single site name
  • Networks using SSL acceleration
  • Virtual and shared hosting configurations

VeriSign Authentication Services, now a part of Symantec Corp, VeriSign Authentication Services, now a part of Symantec Corp:White Paper, Licensing Symantec Certificates: Securing Multiple Web Server and Domain Configurations, SSL, SSL certificate, web se
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VeriSign Authentication Services
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