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In tough economic times, more people get behind paying their bills, and when businesses shut their doors, utilities lose some of their biggest customers. Read Leveraging Proactive Communications in Utilities to learn how proactive communications enhances the collections process, cost-effectively notifies customers about outages, and gathers valuable customer insights, allowing you to save money and provide stellar customer service.

Learn how proactive communications can help you:
  • Automate the collections process
  • Incorporate automated survey applications to gain customer service perspectives
  • Keep customers informed about potential outages, building trust and decreasing inbound calls
Join a rapidly growing number of utilities using this technology to free up contact center staff, reduce call handling times, increase customer satisfaction, and drive cost savings.

Leveraging Proactive Communications in Utilities, Genesys, Genesys Complimentary White Paper, reduce call handling times, increase customer satisfaction, drive cost savings
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Leveraging Proactive Communications in Utilities
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