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Necessary cost-cutting by airlines has diminished the on-board customer experience, making communication a key differentiator of quality and service. Download Leveraging Proactive Communications in Travel & Tourism to learn how travel-related operators are using outbound IVR , SMS, and other automated messaging to facilitate check-in, cancellations, and upgrades—upping customer satisfaction and loyalty, and lowering inbound call volume.

Learn how proactive communications can help you:
  • Maintain contact with on-the-go customers about check-in, seat upgrades, and changes to flights
  • Reduce contact center costs while propagating your brand
  • Segment customers and reach them on their preferred channel
Join a rapidly growing number of travel-related companies using this technology to create a level of communication and service that would be difficult to afford with live agents.

Leveraging Proactive Communications in Travel & Tourism, Genesys, Genesys Complimentary White Paper, travel and tourism industry
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Leveraging Proactive Communications in Travel & Tourism
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