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Today's heightened demand for collections can mean a heavy investment in human resources for financial services organizations—but it doesn't have to. In Leveraging Proactive Communications in Financial Services, you'll learn how this technology can bolster collections by prompting customers to adjust their accounts or even make payments directly from an automated environment—without live agent assistance.

Learn how proactive communications can help you:
  • Keep up with the growing demand for collections with a cost-efficient solution
  • Be proactive with customers early in the collections cycle to free up resources
  • Prompt customers to make adjustments to their accounts to pre-empt more serious issues
  • Create new collections strategies for micro-collections/low-balance accounts
Join a rapidly growing number of companies using this technology to help boost the efficiency of their collections and increase their recouping of revenue, while maintaining the best possible customer experience.

Genesys, Genesys:White Paper, Leveraging Proactive Communications in Financial Services, Human Resources, collections, financial services, Accounting, communication, financial institution, investment
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