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Driven by the adoption of social collaboration tools and video applications for employees, today's SharePoint managers are under more pressure than ever before to deliver on the promise of dynamic video collaboration. Their challenge is to provide the benefits of live and on-demand video, while protecting SharePoint core performance.

Learn how you can:
  • Provide A “YouTube-like” experience within SharePoint
  • Deliver live video streaming within SharePoint
  • Embed video excerpts on any SharePoint page
  • Link videos to other relevant SharePoint content
  • Add video to employee social communications
  • Avoid known pitfalls of managing video within SharePoint
Download the white paper and jumpstart your organization's SharePoint video revolution.

QUMU, QUMU:White Paper, Leverage the Power of SharePoint to Deliver Enterprise Video Communications and Encourage Collaboration, Sharepoint, Youtube, video communication, social IT, it managers, it organization, leveraged IT, enterprise it
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