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Since we spend much of our lives in interpersonal dealings with others, it would be nice to read a condensed understanding of EI as fast as it would be to prepare a light dinner. Level Up is the leadership book you can sit down with a cup of coffee and read in one setting. After reading, readers are challenged to ‘Level Up' and rise to the occasion. Bully leadership is an outdated concept; as a result, this booklet is long overdue. Be a part of the new generation of leadership; ‘Level Up’ will get you there. Also with this free eBook you will receive the daily HODT Leadership Mashup.

Holistic Organizational Development & Training Inc., Holistic Organizational Development & Training Inc.:eBook, Level Up: Lead with Emotional Intelligence (Normally $2.99), Leadership
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Holistic Organizational Development & Training Inc.
The resource is available from the link above.
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