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Now you can give your supervisors a valuable tool they can use to prevent costly lawsuits. Legal Alert for Supervisors is written in a quick-read, action-oriented style and it's chock-full of information your supervisors can use to steer clear of legal pitfalls. This real-world publication is easy to understand and cost effective. Consider: If the newsletter helps your supervisors prevent just one employee lawsuit, it immediately pays for itself!

Here's a sampling of some of the topics covered in the publication:
  • Hiring and firing
  • Sexual harassment
  • Discipline
  • Age discrimination
  • FMLA
  • Performance reviews
  • Gender discrimination
  • ADA
  • And much more
But don't take their word for it … see for yourself. For a limited time, you can receive four email issues to review without any obligation to pay. If the product doesn't meet the needs of you and your supervisors, simply do nothing and they'll stop sending it. If you decide the publication would be a valuable tool to help keep your company out of court - and they think you will - simply pay the price based on the number of users and they'll send the twice-monthly newsletter to you for a full year of 24 issues.

Please note that Legal Alert for Supervisors is designed as a training tool for your supervisors. Subscribers get the most value from the publication when they order individual copies for each supervisor. Check out the chart below to see what your cost would be based on the number of supervisors in your organization who should receive a copy.

No. of users   Price/user
1                       $117
2                       $69
3-4                    $59
5-9                    $53
10-14                 $49
15-19                 $47
20-24                 $45
25-29                 $44
30-34                 $43
35-40                 $42
41+                    Call 800-817-3922

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Institute of Business Publications
The resource is available from the link above.
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