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Infrastructure at most data centers continues to scale up and sprawl out. This growth bring challenges like complexity, increased possibility of human errors, expending a large portion of administrator time on repetitive tasks, and growing risk of impacting Quality of Service. Automating tasks at the database, server, network and storage levels is the solution. Most important, automation frees up more time for IT to focus on other urgent tasks and strategic projects. Learn how automation can streamline and optimize tasks like:
  • Provisioning of database, Virtual Machines (VMs), servers, networks and storage
  • Configuration updates
  • Patch updates
  • Compliance reporting
Improving service delivery requires elimination of latency in between a series of tasks. It also requires a set of well-documented processes that can be leveraged to manage growth and ramp up new personnel. Automating business processes lets IT be more agile and establish repeatable workflows that do not require manual intervention. These workflows form the basis of a scalable automation platform that is well-documented for consistency and data center standards. The automated orchestration of these business processes improves collaboration among various departments and provides wider visibility to drive informed decision-making.

Catch this On-Demand Webcast and learn how automating these common processes can improve your ROI:
  • Provisioning the application stack - from application to database to infrastructure
  • Closed-loop incident management and remediation
  • Change control and release
Nimish Shelat
Manager, Product Marketing
HP Software

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