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In this webinar, see how innovation is pushing the boundaries of knowledge management and moving us into the era of the Social Knowledge Exchange. Engage this learning technology and increase employee productivity and performance.

Kate Leggett, Forrester's leading expert analyst on knowledge management leads the conversation and provides industry trends and insights on the future of the Social Knowledge Exchange. You'll also hear from Sarah Nichols, Director of Knowledge Management for Climateworks, a foundation dedicated to supporting public policies that prevent dangerous climate change, and learn how Climateworks uses its social intranet to:
  • Create a central services portal that connects its global network of non-profits
  • Connect systems of record to systems of engagement
  • Develop innovative UX search and content discovery mechanisms
  • Apply best practices to increase intranet adoption and usage

Socialtext, Socialtext:On-Demand Webinar, Learn How HR Can Become More Effective with a Social Knowledge Exchange,
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