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Whether forced to, or by choice, some major corporate entities are changing how they conduct their businesses and are evaluating the landscape they operate in. Everything is being evaluated. Now, just because these entities are measured in billions, and you're not, isn't any reason why you shouldn't be doing the very same exercise.

The approach outlined in this white paper is to radically move supply chain thinking forward, by skipping the incremental development, within the wholesale distribution arena, and to begin looking at the supply chain in total; what it potentially means to inventory planning, product distribution, product procurement, warehousing, finances, supplier relationships and customers. Overall, it is a focus on the distributor processes; demand planning, supply planning, and overall product distribution methods.

Written by: MCA Associates         Presented by: Infor

Infor, Infor:White Paper, Lean Principles In Wholesale Distribution Supply Chains: Do You Pull or Push?, Supply Chain, wholesale distribution, Distribution, warehouse
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