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KVM-over-IP technology is a cornerstone of any effective IT infrastructure management architecture. By providing anytime/anywhere, out-of-band, access to system keyboard, video and mouse functions, a KVM-over-IP solution can significantly improve IT productivity, help ensure reliable delivery of critical business services, accelerate mean time-to-repair and reduce total technology ownership costs.

Do you know the key criteria for choosing the right KVM-over-IP Solution?
This buyer's guide addresses the full range of issues confronting KVM-over-IP buyers today - including access, security, performance and cost. IT organizations can use this guide to make more informed buying decisions and ensure that the companies they serve get maximum value out of every dollar invested in KVM-over-IP technology.

Raritan, Free Raritan Buyers Guide, KVM-over-IP Buyer's Guide, KVM-over-IP platform, IT infrastructure management architecture, KVM, Keyboard, Video, Mouse
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