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Companies often have a difficult time preventing endpoints and servers from deviating from corporate standards. Users may install unauthorized applications while on or off the corporate network that may introduce malware, present support issues, or create software licensing risks. With its industry-leading whitelisting technology, McAfee® Application Control ensures that only trusted applications run on servers and endpoints while permitting software updates from authorized sources. This provides IT with the greatest degree of visibility and control over endpoints and also helps enforce software license compliance. Additionally, as companies strive to extend the viability of fixed function systems (Microsoft Windows NT legacy or low footprint), Application Control also extends an extra layer of protection without impacting system performance.

Learn how to achieve:
  • Greater visibility and control of applications on endpoints and servers
  • Extends the business viability of fixed function systems
  • Low cost of ownership because dynamic whitelisting eliminates manual effort of maintaining databases, rules, and updates
  • Low overhead software solution that runs transparently on endpoints
  • Increased business availability and continuity
  • Well suited for point-of-sale terminals in retail environments, imaging devices in healthcare, and legacy, fixed-function Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000 systems

Key to Reducing Risk from Unauthorized Applications, McAfee, McAfee Complimentary Data Sheet, Microsoft Windows NT legacy, low footprint, Application Control, fixed-function Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000 systems, McAfee® Application Control, malwar
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Key to Reducing Risk from Unauthorized Applications
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