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Does this sound familiar?

I spend too much time 'defending the network.' I've instrumented my network and bought all the right tools, but users are still complaining about slow response, the application and server teams still say it's not their problem, and my tools still show 'all green.' So everybody blames the network, and it takes most of my time to figure out if they're right or not, and, if they're right, even more time to fix it.

After a brief review of flow-based technology, this overview describes the fundamental advantages of the flow-based network application management over the approaches traditionally used by network managers. The overview continues with four actual case studies illustrating these advantages—a major hospital organization, the world's largest inventory management company, and two of the top 10 global banks—and closes with a guide to using the NetSensory solution in your own network, based on and illustrated by actual customer experience.

Network Physics, Free Network Physics White Paper, Network Physics Technical Document , Network is Slow
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