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If you're like most growing companies, chances are your Help Desk evolved incident-by-incident. But sooner than you think, you'll need something more - more automation, more customization, more dedication to total efficiency. And FrontRange has put together a free Help Desk Automation Resource Pack to fill IT Professionals in on the available options. This free Pack contains both an IT Automation Success Kit and a Help Desk/Service Desk Transformation Success Kit. In them, you'll learn:
  • How to cut service costs while increasing service levels
  • How to automate call delivery with screen pops, skills-based routing, and intelligent transfer
  • How to automate common customer requests like status checks, password resets, and more
One day soon, you just may wake up to discover that your company has outgrown its current Help Desk's limits. Registering for this free Resource Pack is the first step to making sure that day never comes!

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The resource is available from the link above.
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