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The retail financial services industry has spent the last decade adapting to the deep structural changes associated with consolidation, globalization, and new regulatory environments. Today, with the ability to grow through acquisition behind most firms, the challenge lies in building on the foundations that have been laid and maximizing the value of existing customer relationships to drive new levels of profitability. Rather than focusing marketing resources on traditional outbound customer acquisition programs, today's leading banks are placing increased emphasis on making interactions more intelligent across all inbound and outbound channels as the means to maximize existing customer assets and meet today's strategic objectives.

Recognizing the challenges and opportunities that companies in the retail finance industry now face, Infor CRM Epiphany has developed a powerful inbound marketing solution for today's leading companies.

Increasing Profitability Through intelligent Interactions: Innovative marketing strategies in the retail finance industry, Infor, Infor Complimentary White Paper, Multi-Channel Inbound Marketing, customer acquisition programs
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Increasing Profitability Through intelligent Interactions: Innovative marketing strategies in the retail finance industry
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