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Every day we see how free, instantaneous communication influences politics, social change, and daily interactions at a fundamental level. But even with all of this, there still remains a certain level of provincialism on the net - Americans stick to American websites; Japanese stick to Japanese websites; you get the idea.

Part of this, of course, is due to a simple language barrier; English is an international language, but it is by no means the only one. To some extent this artificial division of the web is by design. Media producers, like the BBC, often insist on restricting access to their products to certain geographical regions to protect their business models. Distributors (e.g. iTunes) are complicit in this, or even instigate it. Even worse, some governments insist on restricting Internet communication and blocking access to international websites.

This guide, then, is a small attempt at helping people deal with all of these problems.

Keywords,, Information Liberation: Your Guide to the International Web, Internet, web
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