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The cloud changes everything for IT. In addition to heightened expectations, the overall technology context has become much more complex. Not all applications can or should be moved to the cloud. And the cloud model can be used internally to good effect as well as externally with third parties. That means that IT organizations end up managing a mixture of public cloud, private cloud, and traditional IT. This is a big challenge. IT managers have to acquire the tools to manage resources across three sourcing models and avoid having multiple islands of management operating separately. But this is also a great opportunity to be the innovation engine of the business and the catalyst of business decisions--provided IT can master the world of hybrid service delivery. And mastery requires two adjustments to the notion of cloud--realizing that cloud is a journey that follows distinct steps, and implementing comprehensive, unified management that can help you handle the intricacy of large hybrid cloud environments.

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Hewlett-Packard Company, Hewlett-Packard Company:White Paper, Increasing Agility and Reducing Cost for Cloud Computing, private cloud, public cloud, Cloud Computing
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