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Learn how a hospital can deploy transparent security and ultimately bridge the gap between clinician productivity and security by enabling:
  • One-Touch Clinician Roaming: The desktop follows the clinician to any workstation and is immediately restored to its previous state- eliminating the need to restart each clinical application and streamlining access to patient data.
  • Automatic Desktop Lock: Clinicians are automatically logged off when they walk away from the workstation, and can easily re-authenticate when they return.
  • Transaction-Based Authentication: Allows an application to leverage strong authentication services to positively identify a user at any point in the transactional workflow.
  • Location Awareness: When a clinician reconnects from a different workstation, the new location information is propagated to the virtual desktop and running applications.

Imprivata, Imprivata:White Paper, Improving Clinician Workflows with One-Touch Desktop Roaming, strong authentication, clinician, clinician workflow, transparent security, clinical application, Security, Hospitals, patient
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