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Environmental sustainability is drawing attention from all directions - from new environmental regulations and enforced compliance to suppliers looking to create competitive differentiation though greener products and services. Simultaneously, manufacturers have become increasingly dependent upon their ability to efficiently innovate and successfully bring new products to market, as well as their ability to serve new markets defined by region or by customer application to generate revenue growth. This white paper examines how changes to the research and development process can have significant benefits to a manufacturer's environmental footprint and ability to make science a component of critical business decisions going forward. Done correctly, sustainability at the research and development phase can not only drive innovation in products and processes but also bring cost savings and more efficient and consistent compliance. Learn more in this comprehensive white paper by IDC Manufacturing Insights.

Accelrys Software, Accelrys Software:White Paper, IDC White Paper: Designing Environmental Sustainability into Product Research and Development, Research and Development, environmental
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