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Many Finance departments shortchange their strategy support, enterprise performance management and risk management activities because they're too busy reining in and validating data. They rely on systems -- ranging from spreadsheets to ERP solutions -- that are disconnected, expensive, completely managed by IT, and lack the performance and data reliability essential for on-demand analytics. IBM Cognos® TM1® radically transforms planning, budgeting and forecasting. As a planning solution, it excels at providing immediate visibility into resource requirements and future business performance. It provides “what-if” scenario analytics for all participants and facilitates decision-making throughout the enterprise. With its distributed administrative capabilities, Cognos TM1 enables localized responsibility for plan processes across business units, functions and geographies -- all in a single, secure planning environment. Learn more in this data sheet.

Written by IBM

Arcogent, IBM Cognos® TM1®, analytics, Performance Management, business performance, ERP, Risk Management, budgeting, forecast, Finance
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