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How do you get CIOs to jump on the storage virtualization bandwagon if they're not on it already? Use these five compelling points to persuade them that storage virtualization is right for their organization:
  1. It's Inevitable and Strategic
  2. Drives Productivity and Innovation
  3. Talk Return on Investment
  4. Deferring CapEx, Reducing OpEx
  5. Times are Changing and so is the CIO's job
Data that is housed in enterprise data centers is growing at an astounding 60 percent per year, according to analyst firm IDC. For CIOs, this is not good news. Furthermore, Sarbanes-Oxley compliant companies must store their data for at least seven years. The move to agile, virtual infrastructures has also exacerbated the cost and demands placed on shared storage systems. In this quandary of data storage issues, storage virtualization software has provided a much-needed grounding.

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