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Keeping your facility clean, safe and healthy on a budget is a constant challenge. This free white paper explores some strategies to help reduce operational and labor costs to achieve a more balanced cost management approach for your facility's cleaning program. In this white paper, you will:
  • Examine real examples of cost reductions.
  • Learn how you can cut labor costs with the right products that reduce the number of times certain jobs need to be performed.
  • Get a new perspective on where time, effort and money may be being wasted.
  • Learn how an investment in training for your staff can save you in the long run.
Learn how to maximize your cost savings today with long-term strategies outlined in this resource.

By supplying my contact information, I authorize Staples Contract and Commercial, Inc. (“Staples Advantage”), to contact me about Staples Advantage, its products and services.

Staples Facility Solutions, Staples Facility Solutions:White Paper, How to Reduce Labor Costs by Optimizing Facility Cleaning Operations, facilities maintenance
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Staples Facility Solutions
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