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Transitioning to SOA is a complex process that adds its supporting technologies, methodologies and staff to an enterprise's existing layers of already fixed and difficult-to-change architecture. Agile development environments quickly and efficiently handle implementation and utilization issues, extending the value of deployment that optimizes SOA performance and dissolves the barriers of SOA advancement with reward in early return-on-investment.

This paper provides you an implementation roadmap and addresses key questions to help you achieve SOA's business value promise:
  • What makes the most influential business case for SOA
  • What benefits and complexities exist in a SOA transition
  • How to address lifecycle challenges to fully realize the potential of SOA's benefits
  • What early measures can be taken to achieve an incremental approach to SOA using Agile methods

How to Leverage SOA Investments with Agile Methods, OutSystems , OutSystems Free White Paper
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How to Leverage SOA Investments with Agile Methods
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