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While the promise and benefits of EMR systems are enormous, moving an entire population from paper-based to electronic medical records is no simple task. Clinician workflows, productivity and security can be significantly impacted. Repetitive logins and multiple passwords slow clinician productivity and EMR adoption.

Hear directly from Sallie Arnett, VP of Information Systems at Licking Memorial Hospital, how Single Sign-on and Strong Authentication helped her team:
  • Eliminate 40-50 logins per clinician per day
  • Increase PHI security
  • Meet the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy requirements from Positive ID at the point of ePrescribing
  • Achieve Stage 6 HIMSS EMRAM
  • Attest for Stage 1 Meaningful Use

Imprivata, Imprivata:On-Demand Webinar, How SSO and Strong Authentication Helped Speed EMR Adoption at Licking Memorial Hospital, medical, Hospitals
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