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Search engine optimization, or SEO, isn't a “set and forget” marketing tactic, meaning you can't optimize your site and then check it off your list as “done.” This is because search engines are dynamic: the content they present changes daily -- and in fact, hourly. Content is constantly added as companies publish blog posts, videos, press releases, social media profiles, news, articles and update existing content.

Yet “set and forget” is the number one reason small businesses fail to generate leads from their Websites. A company develops a Website . . . and then does nothing with it, often for years! Dianna Huff talks with small business owners every day. She knows and understands the frustration many feel due to a Website “that's not working” and generating leads. If you haven't updated your site in years -- or if it's not “working” for you by generating leads, then you need to download this report.

In it you'll learn why it's imperative you understand how the SEO game has changed - and how these changes have impacted your business - as well as five tips for how you can keep up with some of these changes.

DH Communications, DH Communications:Report, How SEO Marketing has Changed in the Last Five Years . . .and What You Can do to Keep Up with These Changes, seo, social media, search engine optimization, Marketing
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DH Communications
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